Svenska Ölfrämjandet recommends 2020

During June 2020 Svenska Ölfrämjandet will award the award "Svenska Ölfrämjandet Recommend" to Swedish pubs around the country.

The criteria include supporting local breweries and having general diversity of beer, or having its own brewery adjacent to the bar or restaurant and not being a macro brewery.
The basic requirements are as follows:

  • about 1/3 faucets free – some independent
  • "good selection" of bottles/cans
  • beer is brewed on/adjacent to serving "Tap-rooms"
  • Local selection
  • Rotation of supply

The list may be updated as publishes more recommendations.

Under each recommendation you will see 's justification.

Svenska Ölfrämjandet recommends


Stigbergets Fot

Stigbergets Fot – Götgatan 5
Göteborgsölens Mecka in Stockholm. Here you will find fresh pale ales and ipes that Johan Thor has carefully selected.


Akkurat – Hornsgatan 18
Great mix on tap and cask and a cruelly large beer cellar.

Zum Franziskaner

Zum Franziskaner – Skeppsbron 44
Stockholm's oldest beer hall with a focus on good lager from Sweden and Germany. Many of the beers here are hard to find outside Franken.

The Press Club

Press Club – Vasagatan 50
If you want to browse Belgian beer, this is the place to go, with great variety on the taps, and a bottle range that you can spend months going through.

Waza Restaurant & Brewery

Waza Restaurant & Brewery – Wallingatan 38
A brewery restaurant with a longer history than its name. Their own brews often merge with invited home brewers and collabs. They also have a proper bottle range.

Oliwer Twist

Oliver Twist as Repslagargatan 6
They have a large mix of beer on tap and as cask and a large can and bottle range.

Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon – Tegnérgatan 2C
Has 30 faucets with a mixed range from all over the world.

Folk & Friends Kungsholmen

Folk & Friends Kungsholmen – Norr Mälarstrand 32
Beer doesn't have to be strong to be good. Here a really good assortment of folk beers is served and sold. With a focus on Swedish craft breweries.

Folk & Friends Hornstull

Folk & Friends Hornstull – Hornsgatan 180
Even Hornstull has lots of nice folk beer.

Bishops Arms Hornsgatan

The Bishops Arms Hornsgatan – Hornsgatan 154

Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri

Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri – Stora Fjäderholmen
The next recommendation goes to Stockholm's nearest archipelago island Fjäderholmarna, perfect place to visit when the sun shines.

Taurus & Deep

Taurus & Deep – Östra Kasernvägen, Building 105
The next recommendation goes to Taurus & Depth and thus also to Waxholms Bryggeri and Hop Notch who share the premises.

Mikkeller Stockholm

Mikkeller Stockholm – Brahegatan 3-5
Recommended for that there are lots of fun beer.

Brewery Munkbron – Brasserie & Bar

Bryggeri Munkbron – Brasserie & Bar – Lilla Nygatan 2
A pub brewery in the Old Town

Bottle Shop

Bottle Shop – Kocksgatan 19
The Bishops Arms Sundbyberg

The Bishops Arms Sundbyberg – Highway 49

Babajan as Katarina Bangata 75
Crochet Kitchen & Bar

Haket Bar & Stuff – Masthuggstorget 5
Haket pub is an independent pub with a large and varied range of quality beers. Here you can try many of the local Gothenburg breweries together with a motley collection of beer-interested people.

The Rover

The Rover – Andra Långgatan 12
Classic beer pub in Gothenburg with a large selection of beers on tap and bottle.

Brewers Beer Bar Third Long Street

Brewers Beer Bar Tredje Långgatan – Tredje Långgatan 8
Fantastic sourdough pizzas and a large and varied selection of beers both on tap and bottle.

Station Linnaeus

Station Linné – Linnaeus Square 9
Relatively newly opened gourmet pub with excellent selection of beer and food.

Steampunk Bar

Steampunk Bar – Kungsgatan 7
Has an incredible selection of beers from all over the world in addition to lots of local craft beer.

BrewDog Bar Gothenburg

BrewDog Bar Gothenburg – Kungsgatan 10B
In addition to Brewdog's own varied selection, you will always find new and exciting beers from both Swedish and foreign breweries.


Basque – Magasinsgatan 3
A fantastic selection of mainly Belgian craft beer in bottle that is best enjoyed along with a plethora of different pintxos that you pick yourself from the bar.

Brewers Beer Bar Magasinsgatan

Brewers Beer Bar Magasinsgatan – Magasinsgatan 3
Fantastic sourdough pizzas and a large and varied selection of beers both on tap and bottle.

Bishops Arms Plaza

Bishops Arms Plaza – West Hamngatan 3
Wide range of quality beer on barrel and bottle but also some on cask.

Beer Republic

Beer Republic – Kronhusgatan 2B
This classic pub has lots of taps and bottles with a wide range of craft beers.

Restaurant 2112

Restaurant 2112 – Magasinsgatan 5
Wide selection of beers both on tap and bottle that are enjoyed as they are or together with Sweden's best burgers according to The White Guide.

3 Small Rooms

3 Small Rooms – Kristinelundsgatan 4
Here you will find lots of quality beers both on tap and bottle, including beer from your own brewery, in a cozy environment. Famous for the devisen "Don ́t ask for blask"!

The Bishops Arms Iron Square

The Bishops Arms Iron Square – Järntorget 6
East India Beer Company

East India Ölkompaniet – Värmlandsgatan 18b
Are also worth ölfrämjandet's recommendation mainly for many local craft beers on tap but also for excellent naan pizza.

The Bishops Arms Park Avenue

The Bishops Arms Park Avenue – King Sports Avenue 36
Bishops Arms Avenue also receives Svenska Ölfrämjandet's recommendation, good, varied selection on tap as well as local beer in bottle and can.


Beer Ditch

Beer Ditch – Nobelvägen 24
A great variety of beers in the taps and a really solid bottle range.

Malmö Brewing taproom

Malmö Brewing & Taproom – Bergsgatan 33
With its 42 taps that are superbly divided between their own beer and mead as well as other craft breweries.

Bishops Arms Gustav

The Bishops Arms Gustav Adolfs Torg – Gustav Adolfs Torg 49
Ever since they opened, The Bishops Arms Gustav has had a high level of ambition when it comes to craft beer, and today they also have a house brewery in the basement in the form of the brewery collective Minus-1.


BrewDog – Baltzarsgatan 25
Since they opened, they have had a great focus on craft beer, both from Sweden and from the rest of the world.

Restaurant Metro

Restaurant Metro – Ängelholmsgatan 14
Has worked all these years to promote the beer culture in Malmö, has one of Malmö's best beer cellars.


Opopoppa – Simrishamnsgatan 3
In addition to excellent pizza slices, there is also a solid selection of both Swedish and foreign handicraft beers in cans.


Billiards & Bar

Billiards & Bar – Stora Brogatan 20-22
With 20 independent taps with currently many Western Swedish craft breweries and normally large selection of bottles and cans, they are of course qualified for The Players Inn

The Players Inn – Källgatan 15D
Benchwarmers Taproom

Benchwarmers Taproom – Elsinore 2
With its 15 draught beers consisting of a mix of own and others' craft beers, Benchwarmers Brewing Taproom is naturally recommended by Barski

Barski – Norra Storgatan 18
The 20-barrel list is shared by Brewski's own beers and craft beers from around the world. Barski is thus one of the best places in Helsingborg to get good craft beer.


Husaren Pub

Husaren Pub – S:ta Helenagatan 10
With its 57 free/unbound faucets and about 250 cans/bottles well worth a visit.


Pine Ridge Brewery

Pine Ridge Brewery – Södergatan 81
Bredaryd Inn

Bredaryd Inn – Lundavägen 16
Snausarve Farm Brewery

Snausarve Farm Brewery Silte Snausarve 128 in Havdhem
We asked if Jessica Heidrich could help us put out some Hop shead Brewpub

Hop shead Brewpub – Brovägen 123, Visby

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