Stigbergets fot

Stigbergets Fot first party

A modern beer café

Yesterday finally opened Stigberget's foot on Götgatan 5! The wait has been long and expectations were soaring!
The queue was long already when we arrived, 15 min before opening, snowball and icy wind made queuing less fun, but nothing that discourages a beer enthusiast 

Stigberget's foot is a collaboration between Stigbergets Bryggeri in Gothenburg and Barrels Burgers and Beer. Which largely explains both the menu and the interior.
Stigbergets Fot is a mix between fast food restaurant and a beer café, with a bar with no bar seats most reminiscent of the registers at McDonald's. The décor is simple and in pastel colors, probably most selected because it is practical.

What about the beer?

Stigbergets Bryggeri is a bit like that girlfriend you can't break up with, every time you try to be serious and take that talk. So you melt like butter by her gaze.
The same thing happens every time I get a beer from these beer makers, out going out of all sorts of criticismand left just becomes a silly smile. 
This time it was a Double Headed West Coast IPA that seduced me. Grade World class. 

Total Summarum

All the talk of a forthcoming "beer war" around the lock, I think we can now add the documents.  Stigberget's foot has found its own niche and will only enrich Stockholm's beer epicenter.
For those who want to try world-class beers and eat something simple, you should definitely make a visit here.

On tap:

  • Pilsner
  • The Wizard of Fruit
  • Wonder Ale
  • Amazing Haze 
  • West Coast
  • A New Dawn
  • Double Headed West Coast IPA
  • Walking porter
  • Trouble Sleep
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Phantastica
  • Flamingo Juice
  • Organized Chaos
  • Dark Forest
  • Barley Wine
  • Triple

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