Söderhallen Billiards

The search of the good beer, can sometimes take one to the most surprising places.
I will happily admit that when I got the tip to go try beer on the "billiards on Hornsgatan" I was easily skeptical. But I was terribly wrong! 
At Söderhallen you will find an extensive beer menu with a lot of good craft beer. Both famous international brands, but also more local brands. There is also a special menu with more exclusive bottles.

A great place to hold beer tastings or corporate events that is. But also a quiet and nice place to hang out with your friends, have a beer and play some billiards.  

"Söderhallen Billiards in Stockholm. More a just billiards, here you can play billiards, shuffleboard or table tennis. In our bar you can eat a bite to eat or choose something to drink from our fantastic selection. over 100 beers and various drinks."


Söderhallen is certainly not a place just for beer fans and billiard players. Here, whole families gather to both eat and play other forms of games. 

A great place to rest a bit from the summer sun.

More info about Söderhallen can be found here

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