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Oppigårds Bryggeri AB



No 11154

Color: Black
Taste: Sweet with taste of coffee, chocolate, licorice, vanlij & orange. 
Alcohol strength: 11.5%
Format: 33cl Bottle

Suitable for: As a dessert or a board drink.
Try serving chocolate dessert with some cream or ice cream.

When Oppigårds Bryggeri makes Stout, so you do it properly!
The soot is a classic stout, with pure flavors and without unnecessary condiments, which have been stored on bourbon barrels. 
The taste is sweet, full-bodied chocolate, licorice and coffee flavor. A faint tone of oak and vanlij is in the background. 
The high alcohol content lifts the flavors, but limits how much you can drink from this gem. Dropped on 33cl bottle is a perfect size.     Perfect to share with someone you like. 

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