Poppel's Brewery

Founded: 2012
Where: Mölnlyc
keBrewer: Daniel Granath

Poppels is a modern brewery with ancient ancess. We are proud to pass on a craft tradition that has developed over thousands of years. Although today we have completely different conditions with modern brewing technology, a wide range of raw materials with high quality and good knowledge of the chemistry and biology that underlies the brewing process, we are basically passionate about the same thing that our predecessors have always done, namely to brew a fantastic beer!

Poppels is a beer-loving company. Today we are owned by 15 beer lovers. For us, beer is at the heart of the world and we are deeply passionate in our efforts to make sure that more people discover this amazing drink for real, preferably by making the taste connection to food

Our brewmaster Daniel is passionate about beer brewing. When he is not in the brewery, he reads books or blogs about beer brewing. Daniel is the key figure in our brewery. He constantly brings out new experimental brews that we taste and comment on. Since he is also a perfectionist, he often brews each new beer 4-5 times before he is satisfied.

Source: Swedish Microbreweries

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