Fjäderholmarna brewery

Pelle Ågren and Andreas Willman met when they worked together in the beverage industry in 2011. We realized quite quickly that we shared several interests, but above all the interest in craft beer. We had long thought about brewing our own beer but never really got started. We decided to take a beginner's course for beer brewers and only then did we really get our eyes on what home brewing was really about. We started brewing in Pelle's grandfather's old garage out on Värmdö with varying success, at least initially. We competed in the Swedish Championship in home brewing and finished in 5th place in the people's choice with our APA. Of course we wanted to win, but since this was our 8th batch ever, we accepted our 5th place.

We, and several friends of ours, soon realized that we preferred our own beer to certain commercial brands, which made us think about the possibility of starting something of our own.

We opened the doors to Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri and Brewpub out on Stora Fjäderholmen in May 2014. The idea is to erect a microbrewery with integrated pub, a so-called BrewPub, which offers the visitor the opportunity to taste the beer on site directly from the beer tanks. This concept is relatively unusual in Sweden today and we hope to give our visitors a different and unique experience. The fact that the premises are located out on Fjäderholmarna, Stockholm's first archipelago island, we believe will also add to the experience. We also find it interesting to be associated with the liquor history that has actually existed on the island since the famous spirits war in the 1870s – 1880s. To brew beer, we consider to be a craft beer, which makes us fit well with other traders on the island.

Our ambition is to be able to offer visitors a genuine and artisanal beer that probably etchs itself firmly in the memory of taste for a while. We will focus not only on private visitors, but also on companies and associations interested in an experience in the form of beer tasting and the craft behind beer brewing.

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