Adelsö Bryggeri

Adelsö Brewery

Our brewery is located on Adelsö – in the middle of Lake Mälaren, a few stone's throw from Stockholm's growing beer culture.

Our cookers and cisterns stand on historic land, in the middle of the World Heritage Site – Birka and Hovgården. The birth of the Kingdom of Svea is beneath our feet, but we are a representative of the new beer culture, the pioneers who challenge the accepted truths about how a good beer should taste, look and smell. In our products we connect influences from Chicago, Prague and Amsterdam with our own experiences and local roots. We are part of a new beer culture and awareness. Our beer tastes and smells of Adelsö but with a breath of the world!

We brew both for trained and untrained taste buds. Adelsö Bryggeri collaborates with brewmasters and sommeliers and brings out quality beer with exclusive taste, color and shape that is suitable both for food and as a companion drink.

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