After Work at Old Enskede Brewery

Yesterday it was After work(AW) at the Old Enskede Brewery, in their relatively newly opened Taproom.
We were there and hung on the lock and luckily it was, soon it was full of beer-interested customers.

The "new" way to drink beer

In addition to the Old Enskede Brewery making very good beer, taprooms is a growing phenomenon in Sweden. It has been called "an American fly", but it is rather a new way for beer enthusiasts to get in touch with the brewer behind the beer while enjoying the beer pinfresh. So have you not already visited your favorite brewery, so it is something we recommend.

Beer selection

Of course, we're trying some of the beer, too.

  • Moonhorns IPA – a servant of faith
    Even if this beer has been in the rotation for a while, it deserves a mention.  This IPA is well balanced and full of flavor, served pinfresh is the lonely well worth the visit.
  • I am Beer – A new beer and a very nice surprise
    A cute, round Amber (Am Beer) Layer with clear caramel flavor.
    If you get the chance, try this Amber Lager

On tap

  • One-stage Inn warehouse
  • Smoke warehouse strothe smoke warehouse
  • I am Beer
  • Moonhorni's IPA

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